I'm guessing you're here because you run a successful online business and need some help with your to-do's! I am excited to help you grow your business! 

A little more about me, my last corporate job was at a Law Firm as an Office Manager/Legal Assistant and I became extremely unhappy because no matter how hard I worked or how late I stayed at work, my boss did not appreciate me. I knew that I was extremely gifted at event planning, marketing & I was obsessed with being organized and having built-in systems in my work. But working at the Law firm just didn't allow me to grow and be creative like I needed. I wanted to work in a space where I could be passionate and be excited to jump out of bed everyday to go to work, so that's how I started my VA Business!

I now use my passion to help successful women entrepreneurs streamline their businesses; whether it's creating on-boarding processes or designing a new gorgeous website for their business. I believe that business can be fun and when you're passionate and excited about your business, then it doesn't have to feel like work! 

I have been an Entrepreneur at heart since I was a young girl, writing business plans for fun on the weekend and dreaming up businesses that I could start! I know exactly how to set up an online business from A-Z and I practically do it in my sleep! If you need help with business systems so that everything is automated and flows more smoothly, I would love to help you get your business organized and running smoothly! Or maybe you want to start your own business, I am offering a Biz Boot-camp package where I hold your hand from start to finish building your business, so click here to get more details! 

Since starting The Dream Virtual Assistant I have worked with several Life + Business Coaches, Copywriters, Mentors and Book Authors. I have worked together with them to design Newsletters, E-books, custom graphics, social media scheduling, website management and much more for their business. Click here to read praises from my clients.  As an Entrepreneur, I believe in having the correct systems set up & constantly improving + learning everyday to make your business better than the day before. I specialize in setting up online systems & automating your business so that it's a stress free situation, whether you're on-boarding a new client or handing the reins over to a Virtual Assistant.

I am very passionate and excited about helping you in your business & it shines through in the work that I do. I am extremely committed to making your business be the best version that it can possibly be!  I love working with high vibe people, so if that's you, let's connect and see if we're a good fit to work together!


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Melinda IS the dream virtual assistant! She is incredibly detailed, organized and also creative + intuitive. I never had a concern about any project that I sent her way & she was always exceeding my expectations!